Murderers Turned Artisans of Lord Ganesh

Its festival time in India again, time for the Ganesha Puja in a couple of days then followed by the Durga Puja or Navratri for many, Dussehra, and then Diwali and finally we have the Christmas and the New Year.

Day before yesterday a small news caught my attention and I felt very happy. I felt it is a new festive year with a new beginning, with something good happening, cause of these Pujas. I have an opinion that religion brings people together but it also tears apart many too. The numerous riots are caused mainly on the basis of religion and caste.

What caught my attention was a few murderers have turned artisans and is making Ganesha Idols which is selling out too. This has happened in a jail in Gujarat where a few inmates took training in making clay models and are making so nice models of the Lord Ganesha that the Jail authorities are finding tough to take orders, its like Demand is more for these idols compared to the supplying capacity. Whats best is the people who are making are inmates on life terms and they are from all religions specially mix of HINDUS and MUSLIMS. These inmates have forgotten their religious barriers if any and have come together in the making of these Ganesha idols.

This is great example of secularism in our country. Might be its time that out religious leaders and ministers and certain groups who blacklisted secularism in the country takes a learning from these people. These inmates are of the feeling  that they have got a new beginning in their life.

It is highly commendable on the part of the SABARMATI JAIL AUTHORITIES to have come up with such a noble idea and more noble on the part these inmates who showed enthusiasm in learning making clay models and proving themselves to be more than fit for the purpose.

Will our religious leaders call these Blasphemy? or would they appreciate the efforts.I feel many people are actually appreciating and that's why orders are pouring in for more. More over these people are making clay models which is environmentally friendly compared to the normal POP(Plaster of Paris) models.

I feel the government should take in measures to improve the psyche of such people who have turned worshipers of humanity from being a bane to humanity. This would improve the morale of other criminals too thereby making the country better with less crime. These instances should be cited as an example to many. These could be an example to those youths in India who take cudgels in small issues and refuse to mentally accept the truth beyond being a true humanitarian.

I remember a year back there was series in one of the famous TV channels where it portrayed about many criminals who turned themselves to a respectable citizen of the country. There were examples enough which showed us the fact : Criminals are not born they are made. Such instances are there in other countries too I am sure and these are the ones which should be more highlighted instead of only notifying people through media about the ongoing crimes in the society.

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